Favorite Photos of 2012

Oxford Street FlagSnow Creations #3Snow Creations #4Street Rabbits #2Balloon Musketeers #25 Views of the Barbican #3
Schlumberger Cambridge Research Center #2Steps of St. Peter's Basilica #2Vatican Head #4Brick Lane Food #3SXSW Columns #3Moving Headlight
Violin MonsterShannon, Maddie and the castleA passengerSpaceship Earth #2Umbrella FlightHanging Kids #4
Easter Egg Hunt #1King Creosote & Jon Hopkins in RedGrand Canal Theatre, Dublin #14New Home for CSM #2Bloomberg Cockpit #3Group + 1

Favorites of 2012, a set on Flickr.

Here’s my ninth (gulp) annual set of favourite photos that I’ve taken this year with my Lumix GF1. I still love the camera, and picked up a new lens which zooms (a little) and goes pretty wide. I’ve primarily taken these shots with the fixed 20mm lens, which I still love. It lets in lots of light.

For some reason, I thought I’d had a slow year for photography, but looking back it doesn’t seem to be the case. I’ve taken 7,400+, which is a couple of thousand above what I usually take. It’s been a busy year, though, with visits to Rome and Disney World, and with the Jubilee and Olympics at home. With those and our recent close call with flooding, there’s been plenty of subjects to shoot.


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