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John Hurt

I thought I’d post a few shots of this acrylic I painted a year ago of John Hurt. Its significantly larger than the portrait of Philip Seymour Hoffman that I posted about last week. This isn’t really a fan thing. Although I am a fan. He’s just got a great face to paint. Love the

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Philip Seymour Hoffman

Here’s another portrait. I plucked this shot of Hoffman from a photography book in the studio at Strodes Sixth Form College where I do my art class. His eyes water like he’s in a permanent state of melancholy. Or maybe I’m seeing that retrospectively. The development work for this shot was quite tough in that

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Stefanie Posavec @ Eyeo

I’m in Minneapolis at the annual Eyeo Festival. Like Resonate, it is focussed on data visualization in all of its forms, on the intersection between “art, interaction and information”. See also: Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3   Analog Algorithms with Stefanie Posavec Today is workshop day, and I’ve been lucky enough to

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International Draw A Bird Day

Yesterday was International Draw a Bird Day. Here’s mine. Thanks @Dumbledad for the heads up.

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jenny bv lee: immateriality – the future human

Great to see some publicity on DesignBoom for Jenny Lee’s project “Immateriality – The Future Human”. This was a standout from this year’s Textile Futures degree show at Central Saint Martin’s College of Art and Design. This is the course we worked on a couple of year’s ago for Microsoft’s Design Expo. Jenny imagines digital

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New sketches

I’ve continued with the portrait of the day effort I mentioned earlier. This time I’m working from a book I found in Oxfam called Portrait of England by Sylvester Jacobs. Published in 1976 it has loads of photos of people from that period, mostly in black and white. I’m using it to focus a little

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