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Ocean’s 13 interview

I’m not the least bit interested in seeing the movie because the last one was a bit crappy, but this interview with George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon and Ellen Barkin is still quite amusing. They’re having a blast at the expense of the story. You’ve got to admire that.


Zelda’s Twilight

Ok, I ran behind my prediction for completion. I said April and it’s now well and truly May. But various trips threw a spanner in the works and put me behind schedule. Tonight, though, after 53 hours of playtime, I finally completed Zelda.

Beautiful game. Great story. And for me a great balance between action and exploration. And not TOO hard so I never hit the ‘oh, screw it’ point. Mr. Miyamoto, thanks for a wonderful game.

Update: See Shannon’s opinion of my little saga-playing.


I made the mistake of buying Pokemon Diamond for my Nintendo DS yesterday. I’ve always wondered what the deal was with these games, and although they’re really targetted at kids I figured I’d have a go at one, purely for cultural research you understand.

Now, of course, I’m hooked, wondering the towns and roads desperately looking for Turtwigs and Piplups and any of the other 400+ Pokemon.

The goal of the game is to collect and ‘train’ these little creatures, and them put them up for battle against those belonging to other ‘trainers’. When they fight one another and lose they ‘faint’ rather then die, which makes sense because kids can’t deal with death. Even so I can’t help feeling like pushing these ‘animals’ to have a go at one another is still basically a form of dog or cock baiting. The guilt.

Puzzle Quest

I’ve joined the massed ranks of people playing Puzzle Quest, a weird hybrid of a role-playing game and Bejeweled, the puzzle game that involves lining up 3 or more colored balls.

Penny Arcade summarized how weird an idea this is in this comic strip. Meeting and fighting viscous creatures through the equivalent of Tetris shouldn’t work. But it does and is quite addictive.

The computer controlled opponents are viciously good, though. They ¨spot¨ combinations of colors that lead to a massive cascading effect, a light show that usually leads to your character getting really beat up. On my side, I’m lucky if I manage to just find 4 balls in a row. It does feel a little like the machine varmints are cheating, which is categorically denied here.

And I’m finding that the stylus on my DS is really badly calibrated, so I keep on miss hitting the little colored balls. Often this means that I miss my turn, and get beaten up even more. Anyone else seeing this?