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London Zoo

We got our money’s worth from London Zoo, even though the day started very wet, and the place is pretty expensive (£18). The live nest of leaf cutter ants working hard; the huge butterflies fluttering around among exotic plants; the birds above and below us as we walked through the Snowdon Aviary at about 30 foot above the ground. Architecturally, it seemed a strange mishmash of 19th century, 50s brutalism and contemporary Scandinavian look, although the real story, as always, is far more complicated than that.

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Wiley & Terrell

My sister-in-law’s husband Josh has a new website up for his law firm, Wiley & Terrell, based in Springfield, Missouri. He’s the Terrell half. They cover personal injury and auto accidents. Definitely check it out if you have the need. He’s a very honest guy.

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Easter Eggs

Easter Eggs by rbanks.

I guess we’re only a day late, if Sunday is the tradional day for making, hiding and finding eggs. Anyway, we made these today. I decided to blow my three. It took me an hour to blow one, during which I nearly passed out. The other two of mine are therefore hard boiled. All of Shannon’s are hard boiled. She managed to make dinner, have a long conversation with one of her sisters and still do her eggs while I was blowing.

This afternoon we’ll hide them in the garden and subtly point them out to Maddie so she can “find” them.

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