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Wee Targets

Toilet training is on my mind (for a girl, though, so this doesn’t really help…)

Wee Target zeros-in on toilet training
“Inventor Joanna Haymes, a mother of three boys, took the latter idea further and developed the “Wee Target”. Inspired by heat sensitive ink on a packet of batteries and driven to help her boys aim in the right direction, she designed a “target”- a black circle made of heat sensitive ink which is fixed temporarily inside the toilet bowl. When the target is hit by urine, the circle fades and a surprise picture appears.”

Madeline counting

It’s been quite a while since we’ve posted a video of Madeline. I think the last time she was just walking. So really quite a while. It’s not that we haven’t been taking video. I just found nearly three Gb of videos sitting on our camera.

Anyway, Madeline is enjoying counting. Really enjoying it. It only takes a “one” to set her off.

London Bikeathon 2007

As Shannon mentioned, we did the 26 mile London Bikeathon at the weekend. I went a bit stupid with mapping our route. Not sure that it tells you much because the outbound and return routes overlap so closely, but the ride is a really great way of seeing the city, particularly on a Sunday morning when the traffic is a little more relaxed. You follow the Thames, basically, across the middle of London, from Chelsea, to the West, through the City, around the Docklands development at Canary Warf, past some great views of the Dome and ending at a cool little park by the Thames Barrier. Then back again.


It took us four hours at a reasonable pace. It’s a family ride, so there’s no pressure, although guys in yellow jerseys do shoot past regularly, doing the more high-pressured route that combined out loop with one that headed further west to Richmond.

Four hours for an 18 month old to sit patiently. It’s quite a while. Maddie likes cycling, though, and was no problem at all, even nodding off for a while with her pink-helmeted head bobbing around in the seat behind me.

Anyway, it’s a well organized, unusual way to see London. The route’s recommended, even if you don’t manage to make the actual event next year.




Bubbles by rbanks.

I’m attending CHI (a conference on Computer Human Interaction) in San Jose at the moment and missing my family a lot. Talking to Shannon is second best to seeing her, and I can hear Maddie giggling and saying ‘da-da’ down the phone. Looking forward to flying back.

Easter Eggs

Easter Eggs by rbanks.

I guess we’re only a day late, if Sunday is the tradional day for making, hiding and finding eggs. Anyway, we made these today. I decided to blow my three. It took me an hour to blow one, during which I nearly passed out. The other two of mine are therefore hard boiled. All of Shannon’s are hard boiled. She managed to make dinner, have a long conversation with one of her sisters and still do her eggs while I was blowing.

This afternoon we’ll hide them in the garden and subtly point them out to Maddie so she can “find” them.

Finally cycling

Finally cycling by rbanks.

After the biggest pain getting hold of a bike seat that would fit a 16 month old, we finally hit the towpath today, cycling from home up to Penton Hook Lock and back again. A decent amount of distance for a first try, Maddie was totally into it (especially with all the dogs around) and Shannon coped well despite still feeling under the weather. The sun is shining, we had ice cream sitting on a patch of grass, the boats are out and the coots are building their nests. It’s great here.