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An iMix

I tried creating a playlist in Apple’s iTunes music software and sharing it through the iMix feature, which posts it online so other people can sample it. I was a little dissappointed with the results though, since iTunes just drops off the songs that it doesn’t have available for purchase. What began as a playlist of about 20 songs has dwindled to one of about 12 songs, and of course it’s all the more obscure stuff that disappeared.
Here’s a link to my iMix (which opens in iTunes itself, so you have to have that installed to see it).

Music to work to

Here’s a list of artists that are apparently good background music to work to, generated on a social e-mail group at work. I’m pretty sure there are quite a few here I wouldn’t listen to, but I thought it was a pretty diverse list:

Tangerine Dream (although maybe not the early stuff)
The Classical Chillout collections (this one got several mentions)
Jean Michel Jarre
Kenny G (not sure if this was tongue in cheek or not)
Aphex Twin
Mozart (several mentions – and apparently clinically proven to raise your IQ – bargain!)
Café del Mar
Brian Eno
Dead Can Dance
David Holmes
Beastie Boys (“The In Sound From Way Out” – which is apparently an all-instrumental album)
The Orb
The Concretes
J.S. Bach
Lemon Jelly
Binaural Beats
Royksopp Melody AM
Kruder & Dorfmeister (“K&D Sessions” got a particular mention)
Deep Forest
Hotel Costes
LTJ BUKEM Earth Series
Buddha Bar series
St Germain Pres de Café vol 1-3
Sigur Ros
Tomita’s Snowflakes are Dancing
Craig Armstrong
William Orbit