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Shannon’s Short Stories

Shannon had one of her great short stories, “Hangers”, published last year after entering a competition run by Momaya Press. They’re an independent publishing house that run this competition yearly with the goal of giving a voice to new writers. Wining entries are included in their annual review collection of short stores. This years theme was on Escape.

We attended the prize giving at the end of last November which was held at the London Review Bookshop just around the corner from the British Museum. Here’s a shot of Shannon giving her acceptance speech for her Honorable Mention award.

Well done, S.

Is this mean?

Shannon wants this cook book. She already has MANY cook books. She recently bought this one. She hasn’t even cooked anything from it yet. I’ve told her that once she’s cooked 10 new recipes from her last purchase she can buy this new one she wants. I get to be taste tester for many of these recipes (although most are probably really meant for Maddie) AND I get whatever benefits the new book brings. Does that seem a bit selfish?