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Business breakfast

Business breakfast by rbanks.

I’m having breakfast at Peggy Sue’s in downtown San Jose after following their trail of signs and balloons which started outside my hotel. Now I’m surrounded by Marilyn, Elvis, JFK and others, eating my breakfast, which is half the price of the hotel’s version and twice as tasty. Sitting in a booth (my favorite place in any restaurant), which is of course 50’s red, watching people start their days.

Maps in blogs

Just trying out Wikimapia’s ability to embed maps in your blog. A map of the Windsor Farm Shop near us should appear below, although it probably won’t if you’re reading this through an RSS feed since it uses an iframe tag which most e-mail clients won’t support…

See this how to.

Downtown haunts

I’m having a sort of “fantasy morning” in downtown Seattle.

It’s quite rare, when Shannon and I visit, that we actually have time at the weekend. Often we’re here Sunday night to Friday night, and making the time to battle our way through traffic on a weekday to spend time in the city is usually not appealing.

I’m here on my own, though, for a short trip and, unusually, I’m going home on a Saturday. I’m killing time before 4:30pm, when I need to be at the airport by visiting some of my favorite haunts, for this area anyway. Breakfast at Etta’s, where Shannon and I had our first date, and I had breakfast on the morning of my wedding with family from the UK. Now I’m taking advantage of free wireless at the Seattle Public Library, sitting comfortably on purple and gray foam chairs, high up in the Reading Room. Over in the corner where the guy in yellow is in this photo (taken last year):

This place is so stunning and inspiring. Over a year after its opening the huge open spaces are still respectfully quiet, and the changes in texture and shapes make each area feel private and small. I’m not sure how I follow this up, with 4 more hours still to kill.

Kefalonian vacation

Due to a disaster after upgrading JAlbum, the tool I use for creating my photo albums, I’ve had a bit of a delay posting photos to this site. Hasn’t stopped me on Flickr. Just this site.

I’ve finally found a cool replacement album template to show these shots of Kefalonia. It’s in Flash, unfortunately, so I can’t link to individual shots, but that’s the price you pay for cool simplicity.

Anyway, this was a week long vacation on the island that’s supposedly the home of Odysseus. It’s spelt many ways (for example, also known as Cephalonia). I seem to have spelt it wrong anyway in a few places.



Shannon and I went on a great hike yesterday, along the South Coast of Dorset, near Corfe Castle. Weather was kind, but the route was muddy. Fortunately we’d learnt from the last trip to be a little more prepared. It snowed and our feet got very wet and cold that time. This time we had good boots, and even gaiters, which I can highly recommend.
After the walk we stopped at a pub and sat outside for a pint (naturally). This cockerel was strutting around with his lady friends looking very proud and threatening. Respect.