John Hurt

I thought I’d post a few shots of this acrylic I painted a year ago of John Hurt. Its significantly larger than the portrait of Philip Seymour Hoffman that I posted about last week. This isn’t really a fan thing. Although I am a fan. He’s just got a great face to paint. Love the

Patent Plaque

When you get a patent accepted by the US Patent Office Microsoft sends you a wooden plaque, faced in a sheet of brass, which has the first page of the patent application etched in it. Today I received my 30th, #8,555,192. 2014.01.20 Patent Plaque by rbanks.

2014.01.16. Gas Meter

I’m relieved to have electricity and gas back on at home. Electricity + gas = heat. 2014.01.16. Gas Meter by rbanks.

Encroaching Water

We’ve spent the last few days dealing with the slow approach of a swelling Thames river. Now we’re in a hotel, having evacuated ourselves this morning. I suspect by now that water will have reached our hallway, our kitchen, our living room and the rest of our ground floor. I’m glad we’re safe, warm and

2014.01.06. Date stamp

This is how I start a new work day (and in this case, a new work year) in my sketchbook. 2014.01.06. Date stamp by rbanks.