Social networks for work

Online social networks go to work. “But there is growing evidence to support claims that some social networking services (SNS for short) can be a powerful professional ally to businesses — in particular, independent entrepreneurs and smaller companies, for whom each new personal connection is a significant business building block.”

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Students using themselves as lab rats

Lab of Tomorrow. “The aim of the partnership is to develop a wearable technology for genuinely useful educational use. The proposed technology will allow high school students to use their every day life as the field where they will conduct sophisticated experiments and thus will deepen their understanding of the science concepts involved in the activities.”

Lab of Tomorrow

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Electric cars that give back to the grid

Electric cars that pay. “But to really go “green,” some entrepreneurs and academics say, you should try a Volkswagen Jetta. Not just any Jetta. A dark blue one that a California electric-car company has modified so that it not only uses electricity but generates it for other purposes. So, once it’s parked, you plug it in and sell excess electricity to a utility.”

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