Wireless A/V in kids toys

cyclops camera car . “There’s also a TV-Out socket, which means that you can watch your car chases on the big screen and even video them so that you can review your moves at a later stage. In addition you’ll find a ‘Light’ button, which activates your headlights for midnight missions and an Audio- Out socket.”


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Networked TVs

Toshiba’s 37LZ150 37-incher with MetaBrain. “If you get email while watching a show, you can pull it up without interrupting your programming. […] the TV can record shows on schedule or by sending it an emails with instructions on what and when to record. And it has an SD port for transcoding MPEG4 video, so you can record your favorite shows as you please, and then watch them on the way to work with your cellphone.”


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RSS integration with Web portals

My Yahoo! comes full circle. “Click the Add Content link at the top left of your My Yahoo! page and, rather than the laundry list of news sources and infotizers you might have come across and summarily dismissed, you’re given the option to snap in pre-fab components, search for content of potential interest to you (from fishing to smartphoning), or simply paste in the URLs of your favourite RSS feeds.”


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