RFID in toys

Little Tikes RFID Kitchens. “The MagiCook Kitchen comes with pretend food embedded with electronic tags (RFID) that can be read by sensors on the stovetop which then respond with the appropriate comment in three languages (English, French, and Spanish).”


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Fitness through play

Make a move with EyeToy: Kinetic
. “With EyeToy: Kinetic, though, the whole purpose is to get fitter, as the game is designed in conjunction with the NIKE MOTIONWORKS team of fitness training experts. Play it regularly, and EyeToy: Kinetic will help you to develop your reactions, posture, balance and breathing, as well as improving your all-round body toning and conditioning.”


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Multi-language texting

T9 Predicts Euro Speak. “Tegic’s T9 Text Input version 7.2 offers enhanced multi-lingual support, which makes it easier for users to alternate between languages when texting. It is not uncommon for users to switch back and forth between languages when speaking or writing to friends and family.”
Smart Mobs

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Ringtone creation

Mix Your Own Ringtones. “RingRanger has launched a ringtone site in the UK, that allows users to mix their own tones, which the site then plans to sell to other visitors. The site is at pains to emphasise that it’s very easy to mix a tone, even for complete novices, using their simple-to-use tools.”

The Mobile Technology Weblog

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Workflow software

IBM’s Solid Stake on the Desktop. “IBM launched a bold foray into desktop computing last spring, when it took on Microsoft’s desktop monopolies — Windows and Office — with its own Workplace product. Now it looks like Big Blue’s package of collaboration, communications, productivity, and desktop management software has struck a chord.”
Business Week

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