Information on you

The tale of the v-v-v-vibrating shoes“We’re using the shoes as a bit of fun but also to show people that we can output information from a computer in other ways than through a screen,” says Professor Peter Eades. The haptic shoes can be connected wirelessly to live Australian Stock Exchange information, although researchers also use old share price fluctuations for demonstrations.”


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Health monitoring appliances

The Health Buddy 2: not a Mac. “What’s important here is that it’s got a big color screen, multiple languages, and, of course, acts as a dedicated interface to Health Hero‚Äôs Health Buddy network, through which it can provide patients with internet-enabled health monitoring, clinical information databases, and 45 health management applications. And did we mention it runs Linux?”


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Interactive exercise

The computer game you climb upon. “Since the sensors react to climbers presence, the wall can be used by visually impaired kids as well, but it can also function as playground equipment where the grips light up and/or make sounds one after another to guide the child playing on it to the right place. The wall can also function in real competitions≠-sounds or lights can be activated when the climber makes a wrong move.”

we make money not art

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Interactive objects

Hayat Benchenaa Radio Alarm Clock. “When the alarm is set the Sfera dims and the music fades as you fall asleep. When it goes off in the morning, you have to reach up and tap it to activate the snooze. Then the Sfera rises and after 10 minutes goes off again, which causes you to rise up out of bed even more to activate the snooze. This process is repeated until the Sfera reaches the ceiling, which forces you to get up and pull it down to deactivate it.”

Josh Rubin

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