Cognitive Radios

Wittier Wireless. “We’re trying to build a cognitive radio that would be aware of its environment,” says Niknejad, a member of the Berkeley Wireless Research Center. “It would decide what specifications like frequency and power consumption are appropriate and adjust itself accordingly.”

Berkeley College of Engineering

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IBM puts Millipede on public display . “Millipede works with thousands of fine tips that “write” tiny pits representing individual bits into a thin film of highly specific polymer. The principle is comparable with the old punch cards, but now with structural dimensions in the nanometer scale and the ability to erase data and rewrite the medium, IBM said.”

Tom’s Hard News

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Scent technology

Scented Smart Clothes. “British designer Jenny Tillotson has developed a line of multi-sensorial clothing that acts as a ‘Smart Second Skin’. The fabric interacts with the human emotions of its wearer and releases a selection of scents based on your mood.”


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Thought technology

The New Science of Mind over Matter. “When hooked to a special computer via a cable, the chip translates the young man’s thoughts into commands that let him move a cursor across a PC screen and open e-mail. He can draw a circle with a computer painting program. And he can use a robotic hook to perform simple tasks like picking up a candy and sliding it across a table. All he has to do is think.”
Business Week

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