Family connections

Re-connecting remote families. “FamilyScrapbook is a service and an application. It relies on a third party to provide storage space, to which different devices will be connected. On the user’s side, it’s an application — for the computer, the cell phone or the television — that allows a quick view of new postings, facilitates fast uploads and has browsing capabilities.”

andreea chelaru

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Blogging on TV shows

‘Canadian Idol’ Raises Its Profile. “Beginning next month, CTV will give bloggers the ability to offer their views about the show. “Each person will have their own space, and they can come back and actually comment on the show as the show plays out and the competition goes on,” Smith said. “We will still have the administration that we can accept or reject blogs, but I believe the plan is to just let them loose. We are going to have to moderate it to see how it goes.”


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Saving searches

Yahoo! My Web saves and searches bookmarks. “My Web adds a “Save” link next to Yahoo! search results, where you can store a result and add a note to it (“this is Jane’s weblog”). My Web will save full copies of pages and let you search only your bookmarks; it also lets you create folders (work, gadgets I want, software to try out) and mark those folders as public or private.”


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Celebrity blogging

Celebrity Blog Set to Launch. “Norman Mailer, David Mamet, Warren Beatty, Diane Keaton, Walter Cronkite, Gwyneth Paltrow, Harold Evans and Tina Brown are just a few of the 250-plus names recruited by Arianna Huffington, commentator, one-time Republican and candidate for governor of California, to create an über-blog that will offer a round-the-clock commentary on our life and times.”


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