Tracking your kids + games

No kidding. “This garments uses mobile phone and camera technology to help parents pin point their kids’ position, but also fabric antennas, radio tagging and miniature remote cameras to allow children to play exciting games outdoors.”

Royal Philips Electronics

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Broadcasting from your car

Watch for Roadcasting Rage. “Stuck in traffic and sick of Howard Stern, you may soon be able to tune in to the music collection of the person in the car in front of you. Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University are developing an ad hoc networking system for cars that would allow any driver to broadcast music to any other vehicle within a 30-mile radius.”
Wired News

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Online confessions

Bless Me, Blog, for I’ve Sinned. “For PostSecret, you write, type or paste your secret on a postcard, and then, if you want, decorate the card with drawings or photographs. Next the stamp and then the mailbox. Yes, it’s work to confess. And it should be, if only for the sake of the person who might be listening.”

New York Times (may require free subscription)

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Spam problems for developing nations

Developing countries and spam. “Countries like Malaysia,Nepal and Nigeria lack the bandwidth,technical know-how and financial resources to effectively combat junk e-mail,the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development said in the report” and “as a result,web users in those nations endure more outages and less reliable overall service than people in more developed countries”
Smart Mobs

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Guaging corporate responsibility

Corporate Fallout Detector. “…the device will scan a barcode and quickly generate a geiger-counteresque rapport indicating the amount of corporate malpractice likely involved in its production. The device maintains an index of negativity for each corporation involved in the supply chain of a rather robust number of products.”


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