Home automation++

SMARTHYDRO Intelligent Tub. “This is a tub that takes orders from your PDA. You can send the tub special instructions and it will heat the water, set the level, and prepare a delightful rose-smelling balm – probably not – remotely and remain ready until you walk through the door. The tub will even call you when it completes its setup process.”


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Second-hand technology

A Used Printer? No, It’s a Refurb. “A refurbished Pioneer 50-inch plasma television with some previous history fetched $3,300 on eBay over Memorial Day weekend, after an auction that opened with a 99-cent bid. Even Pioneer Electronics, which arranged the auction as an experiment, wondered if the frenzied bidding that quadrupled the price in the last hours was just holiday madness, said Russ Johnston, senior vice president for marketing in Pioneer’s home entertainment division.”
New York Times (may require free subscription)

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Traffic forecasting

Smart traffic forecast offers seven-day predictions. “Alongside the weather forecast, viewers of KXTV News 10 in Sacramento can now get 3D animations of their local road network, showing not only where the gridlock is but also where it is likely to be. The system, called Beat-the-Traffic, is the first public traffic forecasting system that combines real-time traffic density and speed with historical trends on major routes.”
New Scientist

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Social content sharing

Yahoo! My Web 2.0 beta. “My Web lets you save, tag and annotate Yahoo! web search results and make them public or private. This latest release lets you search only pages your friends (address book, Messenger buddies or Yahoo! 360 contacts) have bookmarked and recommended. Similar to Google’s move toward personalized search yesterday, it seems the web search heavyweights are moving away from spammable PageRanked results and toward creating little universes of trusted content for each user.”


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