Alternative inputs for devices

Texting Is Too Slow? Draw Your Words!. “Instead of typing words on these ridiculous small keyboards, with the SHARK, an abbreviation for ShortHand-Aided Rapid Keyboarding, you use a grid and a stylus. The grid appears on the screen of your portable device. You put a stylus on the first letter of the word you want to type. Then you drag the stylus to draw a line connecting all the other letters of the word. When you release the stylus, the word appears almost magically.”

Usability In The News

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Tangible media

moo-pong. “…is a technology that allows people to capture, share and view video images using Tangible User Interface. When a camera captures video images, they are associated with physical tokens using RFID technology. “Users can edit and browse among moving images by dropping moo-balls into the moo-scope. Mirrors the in moo-scope produce visual effects like a kaleidoscope.”

we make money not art

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Foiling theft

New Retail System Peeks Under Shopping Carts. “Using visual pattern recognition – which considers the colors, shapes and images on the product but not its barcode or RFID tag – the system tries to identify the product and then automatically puts that product into the point-of-sale system. If it works, the item automatically appears on the display just as if its barcode had been scanned by hand”
CIO Insight

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eBay-like donating

Aid Recipients Might Have the Best Ideas About Allocation. “Their base of operations is GlobalGiving, a company they set up three years ago to use the Internet to connect small donors with worthy international aid projects. So far, they’ve raised more than $1.5 million from about 2,000 donors to finance all or part of about 400 small-scale projects. They’ve already built, ripped up and rebuilt a consumer-friendly Web site. And they’ve developed partnerships with dozens of nonprofit organizations around the world that vet all projects.”
Washington post

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