Sharing barcodes visually

Ringtone garments. “Industrial designer Christopher Glaister and fashion designer Michelle Shakallis’s barcode textiles are decorated by a pattern that translates a piece of music (When the Saints Go Marching In) into a barcode. The pattern can be turned back into real music or a ring tone by scanning it with a modified camera phone. The tune can then be used as the ringtone for that mobile phone.”

we make money not art

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Driver tracking

new breed GPS vehicle tracking system provides detailed analysis of driving behaviour. “Because the information is tracked off-line, DriveSync eliminates the high monthly service fees associated with other GPS vehicle tracking systems. Results can be viewed by detaching the data key from the receiver unit and inserting it into a computer USB port. The vehicle tracking results are uploaded to a DriveSync server where the data is interpreted and consolidated into customized reports. These reports, including trip logs, route maps and usage alerts, are viewed via a secure, password-protected website. The results provide a detailed analysis of vehicle use and driver behavior.”


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Webcams in motion

SatuGO: 3 megapixel camera in a ball concept…yeah, it’s bouncy. “The 3 megapixel camera has a timer for delayed snaps and built-in accelerometer allowing it to sense bounces, max altitude, and such for capturing a variety of unusual shots or recordings. The camera, battery, 1GB of memory and diodes (for flash photography) are housed in a rugged, rubber-wrapped casing for protection while being tossed about. It can also double-up as a webcam for those more restful moments.”


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Sharing health records

Easily sharing medical information. “Because of a lack of integration between proprietary health information systems, it’s not easy today to exchange medical data about patients even in a single medical institution. And it’s obviously worse between different hospitals or different countries. But, according to IST Results, this healthcare interoperability problem is about to be solved by Artemis, a EU-funded project. This system is using Web services on top of existing standards to exchange messages and medical records. A prototype should be demonstrated next month in San Diego. Read more for additional details and references.”

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Game ads better then TV ads to get to teens

Study: Best place to advertise to teens is in-game. “Two main avenues are open for advertising through games: in-game advertising and advergaming. The former is an extension of the product placement common in movies and television, and can range from graphical representation of a product in a game to wholesale sponsorship of a gaming title. With the increase in open-ended gaming that allows a player to wander around a virtual world (such as the Sims or Grand Theft Auto), opportunities for product placement are numerous. Advergaming refers to a game, usually online, that is wholly intended as a promotional device.”
Boing Boing

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