Triming video online

Share video segments with Motionbox. “Using their swanky Flash 9-based in-browser editor, trim a video down to the good parts and share ’em with a permalink or via email. Motionbox is pretty scant on the stock social/sharing features you’ll find on other video sites, but I’ll take a well-edited video that doesn’t waste my time over a friends list any day.”


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Touch phone

Touch Messenger sends and receives text messages in Braille. “Samsung’s “Touch Messenger” mobile phone for the visually impaired has landed a Gold Award at the Industrial Design Excellence Awards (IDEA). The innovative Touch Messenger enables the visually impaired users to send and receive Braille text messages. The 3-4 button on the cell phone is used as two Braille keypads and text messages can be checked through the Braille display screen in the lower part.”


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Robotic clones

Meet the Remote-Control Self. “Ishiguro, a senior researcher at ATR Intelligent Robotics and Communication Laboratories outside Kyoto, has created a machine in his own image — a robot that looks and moves exactly like him. It sits on a chair and gazes around the room in a very humanlike fashion, just like its creator. In fact, the robot is an exact duplicate.”

Wired News

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Micro-electrical generation

Perpetuum launches energy harvest component. “The microgenerator converts kinetic energy from the vibration of the equipment running at mains frequency (50 or 60Hz) into electrical energy. The PMG7 can generate up to 5 milliwatts of power, from a 100-mg (milli-gee) vibration and 400 microwatts of power from 25-mg vibration. It supplies a regulated 3.3-V supply and is therefore able to power sensors, microprocessors and transmitters to monitor plant equipment and machinery without the need for batteries, expensive cabling or maintenance.”

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1% are content creators

What is the 1% rule?. “It’s an emerging rule of thumb that suggests that if you get a group of 100 people online then one will create content, 10 will “interact” with it (commenting or offering improvements) and the other 89 will just view it. It’s a meme that emerges strongly in statistics from YouTube, which in just 18 months has gone from zero to 60% of all online video viewing.”
Guardian Unlimited

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