Physics games

Armadillo Run physics-based game. “For each challenge, you’re given a budget to buy rope, cloth, metal bars, metal sheet, and other components. Then you have to assemble a structure and adjust the tension of the component so that it will successfully deliver a rolled up armadillo to a circular blue portal.”

Boing Boing

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Sensitive hands

Researchers create super-sensitive robotic hand. “The big advance here, as New Scientist reports, is a set of pressure sensors fitted onto each fingertip that automatically determine the correct amount of pressure to apply, as well as set of so-called “slip-detectors,” which can detect even slight amounts of slippage and correct the grip before the object falls crashing to the floor.”


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Playing in public

Musical and pheromone benches. “After observing children swinging their legs in rhythm while seated, Robert Phillips (in collaboration with Chris Hand) decided to create a communication tool for the playground, a Musical Bench which would get children who are strangers to play together. Each movement of a kid’s swinging leg plays a sampled sound.”

We Make Music Not Art

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