Smart fabrics

Smart fabric mimicking knights’ armors
“This fabric looks like the chain-mail armor worn by medieval knights, but can embed much more recent sensors to create some smart textiles. This fabric, which consists of “a network of small rings about 500 microns in diameter and even smaller links about 400 microns long,” has unique electrical properties. For example, such a smart fabric could detect movement or damage, and even generate electricity to power the sensors embedded into it.”


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Online readers read more of what they want

Web eyes stickier than believed
“PEOPLE who use the internet to read the news have a greater attention span than print readers, according to a US study that refutes the idea that web surfers jump around and don’t read much. The EyeTrack07 survey by the Poynter Institute, a Florida-based journalism school, found online readers read 77 per cent of what they chose to read while broadsheet newspaper readers read an average of 62 per cent, and tabloid readers about 57 per cent.”
Australian IT

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TV based on music

MOG’s automated music video collector
“At its most basic level, MOG TV automatically locates the music videos on YouTube that correspond to the songs in your music library. David tells me that their algorithms and heuristics are really good at identifying the best match for the tune. And when the system inevitably screws up, MOG users are encouraged to flag the offending clip as bad quality or just plain wrong so the matches get better over time.”

Boing Boing

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