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Dutch Company Bets on Interactivity to Make G.P.S. Devices More Useful in the U.S.
” TomTom wants to build its United States presence and create a constantly updating digital map. That plan depends in part on contributions from users, who update the company?s map database directly on their devices, and then send that information to TomTom. The company verifies the changes and then makes them available to all users, creating a community of users much like Wikipedia or Amazon. TomTom?s digital maps will also be enhanced by the acquisition of Tele Atlas, which uses more than 50,000 sources ? including satellite photographs, local governments and vans that drive back and forth taking photos ? to add new features like three-dimensionality to its maps. (Navteq, the main competitor of Tele Atlas, is also introducing 3-D features.)”
New York Times

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One thought on “Updating maps”

  1. They definitely make useful devices. I have the TomTom ONE XL and love it. I would seriously be lost without it!

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