Privacy | “Collusion” show you how you’re being tracked across the web

Firefox Plug-in Reveals The Small Army Stalking You On The Web
"The installation takes all of a click. And in a similar vein to the Password Reuse Visualizer, it will dynamically build an entire conspiratorial web, a la newspaper clippings and strands of yarn, of the groups tracking your path across the Internet as you browse. The effect occurs in real time, continuing until you find yourself a bit too disgusted. Closing the window in nothing short of denial. […] It is disheartening. What starts as a blank canvas in a free tab will sprout into a tangled mess after just a few minutes of casual browsing. You expect it from Facebook, but then you realize the multitude of faces you don’t recognize–mostly ad networks–following you from place to place. Even sites you’ve grown to trust, Fast Company included, are tracking you (though Fast Company itself only appears to track its users across its own sites). "
via Co.Design

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