Algorithm predicts your social circles from network of friends [#socialCircles]

Algorithm Predicts Circles of Friends Using Contacts Data
"The algorithm can predict a user’s set of circles from scratch without any user input at all and then predicts which circles new users should be added to. The algorithm works by analysing the profile information associated with each person in a user’s set of contacts. On Facebook, for example, this would include name, sex, age, location, company, company location, education and so on. It then looks for links between these contacts. So a circle might consist of all the people who went to the same university or who work at the same company or who share the same surname and so on. It then looks for links with the user, whether it be those who work at the same company, went to the same high school and so on. Having learnt the set of parameters that link contacts in the same circle, it then hunts for others with a similar profile."
via Technology Review

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