Navigate a 360-degree video mounted on top of a Formula 1 car [#video]

360-degree video from an F1 car will make your head spin
"Red Bull Racing has teamed up with Norwegian outfit Making View to create the world’s first spherical 360-degree video from a Formula One car, and we’re sure glad they did! The ViewCam 360 system combines a spherical lens and special video technology to allow viewers to watch the breathtaking footage from almost any angle and even pan around the high-speed action as it plays. Created by Making View, ViewCam 360 is a modular system that uses a spherical lens to capture equirectangular video at a resolution of 4K x 2K, and a frame rate of 25-50 fps. Recordings can then be played back, and interacted with, via MakingViewer, a Flash/HTML5 web-based 2D/360 photo and video viewer."
via Gizmag

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