Site tells you how much exercise you need to do to offset calories from a Coke [#exercise]

Recommended exercise to cancel out calories in drink company’s products
"Users can select the product whose calories they want to neutralize – including fizzy beverages such as Coca-Cola, Dr Pepper and Schweppes Tonic to still drinks like Oasis and 5 Alive – and the calculator will give the number of calories in each serving along with a number of suitable workouts. For example, a 139 calorie can of Coke could be counteracted with a 17-minute basketball session or 45 minutes of ballroom dancing. The tool also suggests activities that can be carried out in the home, such as ironing, vacuuming and stair climbing. Once they have worked out a plan to burn off the calories, users can gain additional nutrition advice, learn more about recommended daily allowances and read about the importance of exercise."
via Springwise

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