The Infinite Jukebox finds places in a song to seamlessly loop for ever [#digitalMusic]

The Infinite Jukebox Slices Your Favorite Song Into A Seamless, Endless Loop
"We’ve all bought an album for a single song, only to put said song on repeat until our ears bled. We know it’s bad for us–the audible equivalent of drinking too much tequila one night only to be sickened by its smell forever more. But we can’t help it. It’s a compulsion as innate as our love for music itself. The Infinite Jukebox is an ode to this mass disorder–and an enabler of epic proportions. Built by Paul Lamere during MIT’s Music Hack Day, an Echo Nest analyzer sucks in a song and maps its beats (including harmonic, timbre, and loudness data) around a big circle. Then it finds unique points of similarity that bridge together various parts of the song to create an infinite loop. It’s so smooth, sometimes it’s difficult to even notice where the song begins and ends."
via Co.Design

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