iPod touch strapped to a skateboard to create 3D visualization of tricks [#infoViz]

A Piece Of Software That Breaks Down Skateboard Tricks Into Data
"The software, developed by creative studio Design I/O, turns skateboard tricks into handsome visualizations. As riders kick, push, jump, and scrape their decks, those movements are tracked in three dimensions. And after a little manual mapping, the software renders the ride as a series of colorful shapes and annotated arrows, either on its own or mapped over a video of the run itself. But the elegant output relies on a comically crude setup for gathering its hard data: an iPod Touch taped to the bottom of the skateboard. The iPod’s gyroscope and accelerometers are responsible for all the motion-tracking data, and while it may look like some sort of extreme-sports IED, the setup gets the job done."
via Co.Design

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