Using Kinect and a PC to build a home-physiotherapy setup [#health]

Telerehabilitation system allows people to do physiotherapy at home
"To begin, the physiotherapist uses the exercise editor to create an exercise program that is suited to a specific patient’s needs, and which involves an increase in the intensity of the exercises over the course of several weeks. Once it’s ready to go, the program is loaded onto the patient’s physio box. Once at home, the patient hooks that box up to their TV. The first time they use it, the physio box utilizes its Kinect camera and built-in software to map the patient’s bodily parameters in 3D, and create a biomechanical computer model of that person. Subsequently, the patient will be guided through their exercises by an on-screen animated avatar. Using its camera and the model it created, the box will keep track of the patient’s movements, and then send that data to the physiotherapist via the internet. After assessing the data, the therapist can then remotely adapt the patient’s exercise program as required."
via Gizmag

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