A “camera” that picks up the happiness of any city in the direction you aim it [#emotions]

A Pocket Radar For Tracking World Happiness
"You hold a screen in two hands, point it any direction, and then see how happy the world is in the distance. It might sound like sci-fi, but the Aleph of Emotions, by Mithru Vigneshwara, does just this with technologies we already have at our fingertips. At its heart, the Aleph is really just a smartphone case, loaded with a compass and an accelerometer. The phone itself serves as a screen. Then when you aim it in any direction, you get a peek at a corresponding world map, highlighting the nearest city in your line of sight. You’ll see if they’re happy or sad, thanks to pre-analyzed Twitter feeds from around the globe, which Vigneshwara cross-filtered for five weeks through keywords relating to Robert Plutchik’s Wheel of Emotions–joy, sadness, trust, disgust, anger, fear, surprise, and anticipation."
via Co.Design

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