MW4D program adds sensors and transmitters to monitor water pumps in Kenya for damage [#health]

In Africa, transmitters send an alert when a water pump is broken
"Short for “mobile/water for development,” Oxford University-based mw4d last August launched a pilot program in Kenya to outfit the region’s hand pumps with new, low-cost data transmitters that work much the way mobile phones do. The resulting “Smart Hand Pumps” quietly monitor the movement of their handles and calculate the amount of water extracted from the pump, regularly updating district and national water managers via text message as to water usage. When a problem arises and usage drops, managers can then immediately know when and where a pump needs fixing. “This should enable problems to be addressed more quickly and transparently than they are at the moment, so people don’t have to go without safe water – with all the resulting health problems that can cause,” explains lead researcher Patrick Thomson." via Springwise


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