Bookmarklet automatically finds pithy sentences on your current web page to sent to Twitter [#publishing]

Pressing This Button Will Find Tweetable Sentences In Anything On The Web
"The SavePublishing bookmarklet, when clicked, greys out everything in an article except for the passages that are pithy enough for the Twitterati. Those sentences are highlighted in red, and clicking on any of them creates a tweet with the quote and a link auto-inserted. Blammo, publishing saved! "I doubt it," Ford admits. In fact, he made the thing as a joke. "As one tweeter said, the bookmarklet makes them want to both high-five and face-palm," he tells Co.Design. "That’s how I felt too. It seemed like such a bad idea, and yet I decided I needed to build it and see what happened. A friend described it as ‘turning Twitter into Pinterest for sentences’ … I don’t think he was praising it, by the way." via Co.Design

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