Highlights from HXD Trends | Issue 717

­­For the week ending May 8th 2015
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Vu Digital Translates Videos Into Structured Data
Vu Digital is launching new technology to help customers figure out what’s actually going on inside videos, online and otherwise. B. Wade Smith, the company’s vice president of operations and development, said that as more and more online content moves to video, it will become increasingly important …



Wi-Fi That Only Works in Shade Intends to Prevent Skin Cancer
Shadow Wi-Fi, installed on a beach in Peru, will deliver Wi-Fi access only to beach-goers out of the sun’s rays



Sensay Lets You Text Strangers For Help With Pretty Much Anything
How much do you value the advice of a stranger? Sensay is betting that you care quite a bit about the opinion of a rando. The service lets users text a specific phone number with a question (like “what’s the best pizza in Brooklyn” or “where can I get a haircut in Santa Fe”), after which that user …



New iPhone app lets you compose music with geometric shapes
Boing Boing
Our friend Meara O’Reilly and Sam Tarakajian have just released Rhythm Necklace, an iPhone app that’s a sequencer for composing rhythmic loops. “The same basic concept is used in variety of disciplines to visualize repeating patterns, including but not limited to radio astronomy, nuclear physics, …

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